Utah State University

How it's made

Located on USU’s campus in the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Building, it’s been a tradtition for staff and students to make, mix, and sell delicious Aggie Ice Cream.


Step 1


Fresh milk, cream, sugar, corn syrups, skim milk powder, vegetable gum stabilizer, emulsifier are mixed together in stainless steel tanks and heated to 140°F.

The mix is pasteurized at 180°F for 15 seconds, homogenized and filled into cooled stainless steel tanks and aged overnight.

Step 2


Liquid flavors are added to the ice cream mix. Then the mix is pumped into a continuous ice cream freezer where it is cooled to 22°F and air is whipped into the mix to yield 75-80% overrun.

After this, nuts, fruits, and other condiments (e.g. chocolate  chips, cookie pieces) are added to the semi-frozen ice cream and the ice cream is filled into 2.5 gallon buckets, 1/2 gallon cartons, and 1/2 pint cups.

Once packaged, the ice cream is moved into the hardening freezer where it is quickly cooled down to -20°F to complete the freezing process.

Step 3


Ice cream from the hardening freezer is too hard to scoop so the ice cream is moved to a tempering freezer and warmed to 4°F.

Then the ice cream is moved to the dipping cabinets in the store where it is kept at 6°F for scooping. 

This is where you choose your favorite flavor and enjoy!