Utah State University



Q: What are your store hours?

A: May to September
Mon-Fri 9am-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday Closed

October to April
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday Closed

Q: What are your holiday hours?

A:  Aggie Ice Cream will be closed the following days:

      February 20 (Presidents Day) - CLOSED


Q: Where do I park?

A: We have 9 free parking stalls for our customers to park in before 5:00PM.   After 5:00PM the entire parking lot is available for customers.

Q: How do I get to Aggie Ice Cream?

We are located at 750 N. 1200 E. Logan, UT 84322.  www.usu.edu/map


Q: When are Tours & how Much Do They Cost?

Public Aggie Creamery Tours

Date:  April 14 & 28, 2017

Time:  1:00, 2:00, & 3:00 PM

Cost:  $4 per person (includes a 1/2 pint cup of ice cream)

Summer Aggie Creamery Tours

Date:  TBD

Time:  12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, & 4:00 PM

Cost:  $4 per person (includes a 1/2 pint cup of ice cream)

Artisan Aggie Cheese Tasting & Powerpoint Presentation

Date:  TBD

Time:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 1:30 PM (Except Holidays)

Cost:  FREE

Q: How do I sign up for a tour or video presentation?

A: Call the store at (435) 797-2109 and have an employee sign you up. You can also go directly to the store and an employee can sign you up in the store.


Q: How many flavors are there?

A: 26 flavors

Q: What’s the most popular flavor?

A: Aggie Blue Mint (Mint flavored ice cream with oreos and white chocolate pieces).

Q: I have milk allergies, can I still have Aggie Ice Cream?

A:  We do not offer any ice cream that is dairy free.  The ones with the least amount of milk are orange sherbet and raspberry sherbet. 


Q: How do I order a cheese box?

A: Call the store at (435) 797-2109, come into the store, or order directly from our website.  Custom cheese boxes available year round.

Aggie Ice Cream Employment

Q: How do I apply to work at Aggie Ice Cream?

A: Check at www.usu.edu/career/htm/career-aggie/ and look for the Aggie Ice Cream Employee position. If you see a listing then we are hiring, if not then we are not. You are welcome to turn in a resume and we will keep it on file but you will still need to check the student employment page to see when we open a position. You will need the Oncampus Job Referral Sheet, Student,Part-Time and Temporary Application for Employment, Resume and  Three References. Bring all items into Aggie Ice Cream and then you will be called for an interview.

Shipping Information


Why is Ice Cream so Expensive To Ship?

In order to ensure your Famous Aggie Ice Cream is received with the same high quality customers know and love, the ice cream is packed with dry ice in an insulated container and shipped priority overnight so it will arrive the next business morning in excellent condition. The shipping cost includes the cost of the insulted container,dry ice, and priority overnight shipping.

As a favorite among alumni, students, faculty, and visitors, Aggie Ice Cream strives hard to produce the highest quality ice cream for you while supporting students and their education at Utah State. Come and see why Famous Aggie Ice Cream has been a Utah State tradition and Cache Valley treasure for several decades.

Ice Cream



*Priority Overnight Rates:

1 to 2

1/2 Gal

$ 75.00

1 to 10

1/2 Pint

3 to 8

1/2 Gal

$ 100.00

10 to 40

1/2 Pint

Cheese Gift Boxes


**Standard Ground Rate:

Shipping is per gift box:

    1 gift box = $12 Shipping
    2 gift boxes = $24 Shipping

$ 12.00

*Note: Priority Overnight shipping is only available Monday through Thursday.

**Note: Standard Ground is 4 to 5 days outside of Utah and 1 to 2 days inside of Utah.